The “Emotional Cigarette” Can Help You Relax without Having to Use Tobacco or Electronic Vaping (Nicotine)?

The “Emotinal Cigarette” – A breathing exercise to help you relax.The “Emotional Cigarette”
Everyone knows that smoking cigarettes is dangerous for your health but, did you know that there is a way to get the relaxation that many smokers enjoy without actually having to use tobacco or electronic cigarettes (nicotine) ?
–Research has shown that the breathing patterns of cigarette smokers and those who engage in intentional diaphragmatic breathing is similar enough to trigger a neural physiological response in our bodies which lower stress-hormone levels and helps us to feel more relaxed.
— Here are the thee steps to taking an emotional cigarette break:
1) Get in a quiet and relaxed posture and slowly breath in for a count of 5.
2) Hold your breath for a count of 5.
3) Exhale slowly and completely for at least a count of 5.
If you like, you may even mimick the motions you would make if you actually had a cigarette in your hand. The key to the exercise is the full  release of tension as you breath out .
–Two or three times is all you need and you will notice that you feel less anxious and in a better place. Be careful, though,  if you do more than that as you might hyper ventilate and feel light headed if you stand up.   Enjoy  (without lighting up) !