In an effort to make it easier for folks to cope during these stressful times which have been created by the COVID-19 crisis, New York’s governor , Andrew Cuomo, has declared that a state of emergency exists.

To ensure that folks continue to seek, to receive and to be able to pay for  needed counseling , in addition to requiring, non-face to face, tele-therapy sessions, the state has ordered that due to the virus crisis:

All Insurance Co-Pays and Deductibles Are  Suspended until further notice.

BENE NOTE: While this sounds like great news, I have also heard that not all insurance companies are willing to comply. Therefore, it is important that each individual check with his or her own carrier for clarification. Also any company who is defiant needs to be reported to the NYS Insurance Commission.

Rev. Michael Heath, LMHC, Fellow AAPC.