Light and the Meaning of the Holidays For Christians and Jews, the Holiday season is often represented with sparkling displays of lights.  Light, in contrast to the darkness, is the age old metaphor which symbolizes the hope and meaning in life which prevails over the realities of sadness and tragedy in the world.

To experience the light is to affirm that joy is ultimately greater than pain and suffering.  By contrast, walking in darkness is a powerful expression of what it is like for those who experience the bleakness of depression.  Unfortunately, this time of year is also a time when many feel the pain of depression more acutely.

This holiday spirit of  affirmation is a time about which both the great religious traditions and modern psychology agree.  It is also an opportunity for all of those who struggle with depressive disorders to realize that there is hope and meaning in the world beyond the despair and sadness they feel.

If you’re having difficulty feeling the joy of season and the fullness of life, please know that it doesn’t have to be this way.  Life does not have to be so difficult or meaningless.  Don’t suffer in silence or in isolation.  There are many resources in your community which can help. Make that call today and begin your walk back into the light.