June is Brain Awareness MonthJune is Brain Awareness Month and here is a major  advance which is very cool and potentially very useful : an app that takes “brain vitals”.
You know how when you go to the doctor, they take your “vitals” ( pulse rate, temperature, blood pressure, breathing rate) ?  Well, the army is exploring the use of an app which can measure “brain vitals” as part of a preliminary exam.
–The “brain thermometer” which is an app called DANA (Defense Automated NeuroBehavioral Assessment) is being tested for use with combat-related  problems such as physical exhaustion or emotional distress.  DANA is able to assist the providers with assessing fitness for duty but can also be useful with the general public to detect TBI, stroke as well as psychological disorders like depression.
–Specifically the DANA presents and records responses to a series of brief tasks which measures mood, cognition, reaction time, spatial discrimination and memory which can flag  cognitive or psychological problems affecting brain health.
–If all goes well, this app could become part of a routine medical examination for the general public.  Very impressive.