Research shows that a lot more folks, especially women are dating younger and today we’re going to talk about his change in dating patterns and when it means for the future. Is it just a fad ? What are the advantages ? How about the disadvantages ?   Is it worth it?

Q: Why are more folks “dating younger” these days ?

A:  Technological advances of internet and smart phone result in cultural evolution   In the past folks were often limited to pool of potential partners  by geography, ethnicity religion or race.     With the advent of technology most of these barriers have fallen people. Specifically with the emergence of the internet and social media, dating taboos around age are falling as well. The web has expanded the possibilities of meeting people far beyond what school or workplace or local bars allowed and made shared interests rather than convenience the basis for exploring a relationship.  Changes always create anxiety however and many of our notions about what is right have been challenged. Today we’re going to allay some of the unnecessary fears.

Q: In general, what are the advantages of dating someone younger than yourself ?

A: 1) Youth and beauty

2) Less emotional baggage and complications like kids, ex’s and divorce trauma

3) Less concern about marriage or having a family.

What are the disadvantages of dating a younger person?

A: 1) Emotional immaturity

2) Youth, i.e. differences in energy and interests

3) Lack of shared frame of reference, e.g. TV show, music, cultural history

4) Gossip and social disapproval

Q: Does it matter or make a difference if you’re male or female when you date younger?  (i.e. are there any significant concerns that women who date younger men have that men who date younger women don’t?   And visa versa, are there any problems that men who date younger women have that women who date younger men don’t ?)

      A: Not really. The internet has allowed people to make decisions about substance not prejudice or an artificial sense of what is proper. Just as we used to think that dating someone from another geographical region or nationality or religion or race was wrong we now realize that it’s OK.  Bucking tradition has its consequences but whether it is a good idea or not is up for each individual to decide. What is truly different about today’s scene is that, thanks to the internet, that people now have a wider range possibilities to chose from.