In response to concerns about the coronavirus problem, I want to reassure clients that, even though there has not been a reported case of COVID-19 in Onondaga or its surrounding counties,  our offices are cleaned  with sanitary wipes after each appointment and that every precaution is taken to prevent the potential spread of the disease including having hand sanitizer available .

Likewise, for those who are ill and wish treatment or for those who are simply anxious about going out in public, teletherapy is available through phone and  HIPAA compliant internet based video platforms.

With respect to other medical appointments you may want to consider telehealth options. Please contact your doctors to see if they provide such remote consultation services.

It is important to know that we will continue to provide counseling services no matter how intrusive or disruptive the virus becomes.

In the mean time , here is a link to a CDC sight which lists basic precautions which should be taken if you are over 60.

Rev. Michael Heath, LMHC, Fellow AAPC   3 12 2020