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Hi! I am Michael Heath and this is the Pine Ridge Pastoral Counseling Web Page. Pine Ridge is a place for folks who are looking for the best mental health care but who are turned off by large clinics or impersonal facilities.

Since 1994, Pine Ridge has offered a distinctive and more personal alternative for mental health needs while providing a comprehensive range of psychological services to help individuals, couples and families deal with a wide range of emotional, relational, crisis related, life phase and spiritual problems.

Since I am both a state Licensed Psychotherapist and a nationally Certified Pastoral Counselor, I offer a comprehensive therapeutic approach which can relate to both the psychological and spiritual dimensions of life's difficulties .

This web site is a great place to learn about my areas of expertise and to find answers to questions you may have concerning psychotherapy, marriage counseling, couples counseling, and other counseling related issues. If you can't find what you're looking for, please contact me and I'll be glad to help.

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Did You know  -  UPDATE ON ROBIN WILLIAMS DEATH:  Now that we know of Robin Williams' Parkinson's diagnosis, another important factor in his suicide is known: Dopamine. Dopamine is the neurochemical which controls physical movement also plays an important role in mood. In Parkinson's disease the cell's which produce dopamine start to die and this development for a depressed person ( who already has had a problem with dopamine and serotonin levels) could be a deadly combination.  (8 16 2014)


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August 13, 2014

Robin Williams' Severe Depression: Keeping Things in Perspective

Robin Williams and Severe Depression: Keeping things in Proper Perspective 

Robin Williams’ tragic death has shocked and saddened us all.  Today we want to use this tragedy as opportunity to shine light on the serious disease of depression. It is important to know that, even in this day and age, there is much confusion and ignorance concerning the disease which can take away all of a person’s joy and take away his/her's hope.   Today we’re going to review the facts and burst some of the common myths that surround depression, as well as explain how it was possible for a successful person like Robin Williams to take his life.

What’s important to know is that although clinical depression is a serious psychological disorder, treatment for it is normally very effective. Later we will explain why Robin Williams’ death was a very special situation and not in any way typical. I want to stress that suicide, especially when a person is engaged in treatment, is very rare and that folks should not conclude from his death that depression is untreatable.

Some facts to remember about most depressive disorders:

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